Are You Living

Are You Living

Ambition is a hunger. Like a hungry man desires to eat, so too is a man who is trying to get something he wants. 

Therefore the one who says ambition is life is mistaken, for hunger is not life. A living person hungers until he is satisfied. Hunger is something that awakens us to the needs of our bodies. So, too, are other hungers messengers, reminding us of a lacking. Therefore ambition is great in order to achieve, but it's not life.

To pursue a hunger as a living is to live an unsatisfied life. Think of the example of one who is hungry for money. He is never satisfied with the money he already has and is always hungry for more. And not only hunger for money rules over people, but rather all ambition for physical possessions. The more we get, the more we want. Therefore if one is living to chase his desires, it is never ending and will prevent him from any enjoyment of the present. 

Think about it: when we strive for materialism we are never satisfied, all it leads to is fighting and wounded people. The winner is never a true winner because he is still left with his hunger for more, and the loser is even worse off still with his hunger and beaten.

A New Song Inc. is trying to change the way we think. We want to encourage people to begin to pursue becoming better and not just having more. We believe that by hearing a message like the one in this new song that we will touch people's hearts as well as to give them something interesting and positive to think about. 

I hope you get something real and lasting from this new tune of mine. I'm hoping to promote it and share its message with as many people as I can reach. Your donations would be greatly appreciated and will enable us to continue this worthy cause. Donate Now!

Wishing you all only good things, Gedalya