A Man with a Vision

If there were ever a person who embodies the beauty and diversity of art in its entirety, Gedalya takes the prize not just for his passion, which continually projects through his work, but also for his commitment to use his gifts to promote positivity.
As a multifaceted individual, this visionary has tasked himself with a mission to help others by targeting the area with the most impact: the internet.
Without any formal music training, Gedalya is pretty much self-taught in matters music having been in the industry since the early 1990’s. His personal experiences served to mold him into the man that he is today, one who has seen both the secular and religious sides of life. Throughout, he has kept his individuality in his music as can be discovered in his website https://gedalyasings.com/.  Gedalya stands as a force of good as he updates his message  for our times.
Another unique side to Gedalya is his acknowledgement that for change to happen, everyone must be ready to play his or her part. It is for this reason that he established A New Song, a not- for-profit organization that seeks to enlighten and motivate individuals, families, and communities toward goodness by influencing them through music. He also sets the stage to lend a hand to fellow artists who want a platform for their voices to be heard while making a positive impact on society. More can be learnt at https://www.anewsongusa.com/.